Rental Assistance Programs Accepted

World Urban manages 3 buildings located in West Harlem.  The buildings provide affordable housing to 97 families. Governed by the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program, there are 3 tiers of units which consists of Low Income, Very Low Income, and Market.  Similar to HUD Section 8, the tenants are required to submit annual verification of family income and other information related to eligibility.

Contact our offices in New York, NY, at (212) 281-3361 to speak with our Management Team.
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World Urban manages three buildings located on West 141st Street between Lenox and Adam Clayton Powell in the northern part of Manhattan.  The larger building is 108-116 West 141st Street with a total of 56 residential units. Building 152-154 West 141st Street has a total of 21 residential units and building 156-158 West 141st Street has a total of 20 residential units.
To simplify our tenants' already busy lives, tenants can make online:


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Harlem is one of the richest, most culturally vibrant neighborhoods in New York City. Jazz, Swing, Rap, and Hip-hop all can trace roots back to this historic neighborhood, and the historic churches, and important, literary, and political figures that have made a home between 96th and 157th Streets on Manhattan west side have contributed greatly to our cultural heritage.