September 1, 2015
The Management Office will be CLOSED on
Walk-In hours are:
Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri. 10:00am - 3:00pm
All other times will be accommodated by
appointment only.
Visit WHGA's Healthy Food Hub
WHGA's Healthy Food Hub at 625 Lenox Avenue offers nutritious
cooking demos and access to information regarding healthy living options throughout Harlem. The hub has held numerous events since launching in 2014 with hundreds of local Harlem residents in attendance.
Today the Hub offers a variety of healthy food resources for West Harlem residents including  a “client choice” food pantry, cooking demonstrations, nutrition education workshops, an affordable farm share with Corbin Hill, assistance with food stamp enrollment, and information on how to find neighborhood resources for eating healthy on a budget.
This program is dedicated to engaging youth, families, and seniors from WHGA’s housing portfolio as well as those who live, work, and shop in the larger West Harlem community.
The Hub is located at 625 Lenox Avenue, off 142nd Street in Central Harlem.
For more information please call us at the Hub: 212-690-7900.
Food Bank For New York City
Located at 252 W 116 Street, our Community Kitchen & Food Pantry has offered New Yorkers in need direct food service since 1984. Our full-service soup kitchen and food pantry helps provide more than 50,000 free meals each month. In addition, the Community Kitchen runs an herb and vegetable garden.
In an effort to help New Yorkers in need gain their self-sufficiency, the Food Bank offers on-site income support including our Free Income Tax Services and Food Stamp (SNAP) Programs, facilitated health care enrollment and financial counseling as well as rent, mortgage and utility services. 
For Additional Food Pantry Location please visit the Food Bank For New York City Website:

 New York Urban League

204 West 136th St, NY, NY 10030


For over 90 years, we have been helping disadvantaged New Yorkers find humanity in the big city, find ways to connect and help each other, and together gain access to equal opportunity in employment, education, financial and technological literacy, and more. The New York Urban League, Inc. (the “League”) is one of the local affiliates of the National Urban League.


Mansion at Roger Morris Park
Visit the website
Morris-Jumel Mansion 923-8008
Sep 3, 1pm - 2pm
65 Jumel Terrace
Awesome Asana Yoga is an hour-long exercise in body stretching and mind cleansing taught by registered yoga teacher Chelsea Best. As Chelsea says, “Awesome Asana offers a unique yogic journey, linking breath with movement in a meditative Vinyasa Flow class style designed to awaken the spirit and bring the body and mind back to a place of peace.” The class is Open Level Vinyasa, and is moderately challenging.
MJM’s Awesome Asana is part of Chelsea’s “Localize Yoga” project, which aims to make yoga affordable and accessible – to present it “as a possibility, rather than as a luxury” – to the denizens of upper Manhattan. The class is $5, and mats, should you need one, are provided.

Services & Advocacy
for GLBT Elders (SAGE)
305 Seventh Ave, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10001
212-741-2247 tel
212-366-1947 fax
SAGEWorks assists people 40 years and older in learning relevant, cutting-edge job search skills in a LGBT-friendly environment. While you do not have to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender to participate, you must be willing to work in a completely LGBT-friendly environment..
SAGEWorks Boot Camp is a two week intensive training course that takes place in New York City. The purpose of the boot camp is to provide skills that will lead to job placement.
Boot Camp: Apply now for a FREE two-week long, 4.5 hours per day, intensive training course in Manhattan that provides skills needed for job placement!
SAGEWorks' New York City location offers a variety of workshops and seminars on job seeking, interviewing tips, computer skills, access to employers, and more.
To obtain additional information please contact  their website:



Unfortunately, some tenants dispose of large items such as unwanted couches, mattresses, shelves, tables, chairs and dressers by placing them next to the garbage bins.  Garbage disposal companies cannot empty our bins and as a result we get overflowing garbage, bad smells, angry neighbors and bugs. Due to tenants disposing garbage incorrectly the building receives fines from the Dept. of Sanitation.
Please be mindful that bulk trash is only allowed to be placed outside for      disposal on FRIDAYS after 2:30 PM . In the event that the building receives a fine due to tenant negligence, the tenant will be held accountable to pay the costs incurred.  
Only household trash (tied in plastic bags) should be disposed down the chute for the garbage compactor.  Any other items such as cardboard boxes causes the system to get clogged.       



Residents who are using eRentPayment or are considering using the service in the future please be aware that payments made using this online service need to allow 2-3 business days for the funds to be deposited into the Landlord bank account. Please submit your payment in advanceof the 10th of the month to avoid being charge a late fee. Payment will be reflected as of the day the funds are deposited in the Landlord account. Late fees will apply for any payment Posted after the 10th of the month.
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