Harlem River Park

Harlem remains one of New York's most diverse neighborhoods, with the area around West 125th Street boasting an especially vibrant mix of cultural institutions, shops and historic spots. Whether you want to go grab a bite to eat, take a stroll around the park, take a visit to a library, museum, theater or Church; or maybe just go out and shop, Harlem has it all, at your finger tips.

There are so many different parks to go visit in Harlem. Northern Central Park, Harlem Meer Park, West 110 Street Playground, Riverbank state Park, St. Nicholas Park, Morning side park, Jackie Robinson Park, Marcus Garvey Park. They all have a variety of fun activites to do.......

Today The Apollo Theater presents: Concerts, Performing Arts, Community Outreach Programs.

The Children's Aid Society is a top-rated, New York-based children's charity providing critical services to children and their families.

You'll find even more locally focused tomes at Shoenberg Library.